de.pict (di-pikt’) tr.v -pict.ed, 1.To represent in a picture or sculpture.2. To represent in words; describe.  Depict PR increases exposure and brand recognition of products, services and concepts through a fusion of marketing, event and public relation strategies.

What we do

Depict is a highly interactive and intimate PR Agency that specializes in connecting your business to media and consumers. Depict PR has executed many successful launches and is dedicated to increasing your profile within the industry. Depict can help you grow and develop relationships with key audiences and media while building your brand through a variety of promotional vehicles.

We always make it our business to be on the same page as you.

What you do

You are the source, the ultimate starting point. Accurate and timely communication is key to the success of our initiatives. Your role is to communicate the wealth of information and knowledge you possess about your own company to us, then we custom design each and every initiative to the specific demands and needs of your target audience, be they media or consumers. This exchange of ideas and information is the pivotal element of a successful collaboration. There will be deadlines to meet and decisions to be made, and we will be there to make them with you.