The Kick Acid Diet Explained

There’s a new enemy in the war on fat loss, and its name is acidity. The good news is there is also a solution.  In his first book, THE KICK ACID DIET®, Toronto author Dr. Alwyn Wong, will teach you how to prevent acidosis, improve your health and lose fat by balancing your pH levels with diet and fitness.


“Being acidic makes you fat for two reasons – it decreases your metabolism and wreaks havoc on your hormones that are responsible for fat loss,” says Dr. Wong. When our body is alkaline – your metabolism is functioning at an optimal level and your hormones are working for you and not against you.”

When you are acidic your body leaches vital nutrients from your bones and muscles to reduce acidity to make your body alkaline in order to function properly- Fortunately, by following the principles in THE KICK ACID DIET®, you will learn how to get these nutrients from the food you eat and your bones and muscles will be spared keeping you strong and healthy.

“All foods, based on their bioavailability, vitamin and mineral content, as well as their protein content, and certain other factors, will lead to fluctuation in the pH levels of the body,”says Wong.

In other words, your food choices can and will affect your body’s acid-base levels. Meat sources, grains, hard cheeses, and salted processed foods all are acid forming. Our only dietary line of defense in the onslaught of excess acidity is to balance out our systems by eating alkaline forming fruits and vegetables.


THE KICK ACID DIET® will teach you how to grade your food with the use of a scale called the PRAL – Potential Renal Acid Load.  Conveniently listed in a table form in the back of the book, The PRAL Scale allows us to predict the respective amount of acid or base in 100g of a particular food.  Negative values are alkaline; positive values are acidic. By following the plan described, each meal should have a 0 or negative score.


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